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3 Computing Tips to Reduce Eyestrain

3 Computing Tips to Reduce Eyestrain

3 Computing Tips

Eye strain is a common occurrence among computer users, and is often overlooked when diagnosing the resulting headaches and tiredness.  Still eye strain is often the culprit. Use these three computer tips to reduce eyestrain and eliminate headaches from staring at your computer.


  1. Check the position of your monitor.  Glare on you monitor can cause eyestrain.  Glare can occur from overhead lighting, outside light, and from shiny objects around the monitor. Using a glare screen on your monitor will reduce the effects of glare.  Also try moving the monitor to a spot with fewer glares.
  2. If you sit for hours at your computer, be sure to remember to look away and blink at regular intervals. Focus on an object several feet away from your monitor.  Not blinking can also cause dryness of the eyes.
  3. Position your monitor twenty inches away with the first line of your screen being at eye level. If you monitor is too far away you’ll find you're squinting to see the objects on the screen.  Position it too close and you’ll have trouble brining items into focus.  Both result in eyestrain.     


Following these tips will help protect your eyes from stress and strain. You’ll probably see those headaches vanish as well!