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3 Highly Effective Tips for More Productivity with Your Mouse

3 Highly Effective Tips for More Productivity with Your Mouse

There’s a mouse in your office that could be sapping your productivity. No, not that kind of mouse, your computer mouse, of course, and unless you use it and place it correctly, it’s not going to yield the best results for you. Even your mouse can be ergonomically positioned properly allowing you to be more productive. Your mouse, like your keyboard, is used very frequently in your day-to-day activities. Making a few good ergonomic tweaks will not only prevent health issues for your body, you’ll also see an increase in productivity. Below are three quick tips to help you use your mouse more efficiently and safely.

3 Mousing Tips for Increased Productivity


  1. Get the right kind of mouse – There are different types of mice, and not every mouse is going to fit your hand. When shopping for a mouse, make sure to choose one that fits your hand very comfortably. Practicing good ergonomics is all about finding the right fit, including your mouse. Make sure your mouse fits comfortably into your hand so that you’re not struggling as you move it.  Unnecessary struggle decreases productivity. (Finding a good mouse is especially important if you have arthritis). If you find that using your mouse bothers you, you may want to switch to a trackball mouse. Give yourself time to adjust to using the trackball as it can be a big switch if you’ve been accustomed to using a mouse. 
  2. Keep your mouse within reach – Like all the other items on your desk, you should place your mouse in a position where it is within easy reach, especially if you use it frequently. Keep your elbows close to your upper body. Any position that requires extension compromises your muscles. When your mouse is too far from you, it forces you to over-extend your arms and hands to reach it. Over time, this over-extension produces pain and stress on your arms and shoulder, thus decreasing your productivity.
  3. Don’t grip too tightly– Hold your mouse at just the right comfort zone. Play with different positions to make sure you’ve found the place. Gripping your mouse too tight can cause nerve damage and you definitely want to avoid that. Don’t give your hands and arms any more strain than necessary. 

Practicing good ergonomics for productivity is about trying different pieces of equipment to see what works for you.  After all the main goal of ergonomics is to have a working environment that suits your unique body.Just putting to use these three tips can make a big difference in productivity and comfort as you work.