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3 Tips for Eliminating Neck and Shoulder Pain at Work

3 Tips for Eliminating Neck and Shoulder Pain at Work

Neck and shoulder pain are common complaints of people working with a computer all day.  If you’re having these issues, here are 3 easy tips to help ease those tired aching muscles in your shoulders and neck. 

Tips # 1 

Check your shoulder position.  Raised shoulders are commonplace, especially if you’re propping your forearms on a desk that is too high.  Sitting for hours with neck and shoulder muscles raised in one position contributes heavily to aches and pains. Keep shoulders relaxed as you work.

Tip # 2

Check for clutter under your desk.  Clutter under the desk can cause you to sit too far away from your work surface. This results in extended reaching to access work items.  Prolonged reaching places stress on muscles and tendons, causing aches and pains.

Tip # 3 

Check the armrests of your chair.   If your chair has armrests check the positioning to make sure they allow you to sit in a neutral position.  Armrests that are too high or too low places strain on the neck and shoulders. 

Applying these three tips will eliminate any stressful positions as you work.  You’ll find your neck and shoulder pain improving.