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4 Tips for Choosing Your Home Office Desk

4 Tips for Choosing Your Home Office Desk

4 Tips for Choosing an Ergonomic Desk

Not only does your home office desk set the theme for functionality and efficiency, it also plays a major role in your level of comfort while you work.  Follow the tips below for a healthy and efficient home office desk your body and your mind will enjoy.

  1. Evaluate the needed space. When choosing a desk be sure that it will allow for all the equipment, files, and other items.
  2. Check the clearance for your legs under the desk while sitting in ergonomically correct positions. The most recommended position is the feet flat on the floor
  3. When choosing the desk for your computer, make sure it is designed so you are less likely to obtain contact stress on your wrists or arms.  One way to avoid this is to double check the height of your your desk.
  4. Make sure you can place your work items so they are easily accessible on your desk.  This means choosing a desk with adequate space and design to avoid working in awkward positions.  

Remember the desk you choose should provide functionality as well as providing you with the necessary adjustability to make sure your body doesn’t suffer.