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Are Tingling Fingers a Precursor to Finger Numbness?

Are Tingling Fingers a Precursor to Finger Numbness?


Dealing with tingling fingers? If so, you may be wondering if the next step is going to be finger numbness. This is definitely a good question. The problem with tingling fingers is that they can be a symptom of several different problems, with the two most common being carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI (repetitive stress injuries). Both of these problems can cause tingling fingers. However, you may be wondering if it is going to only get worse from here. Well, let's take a closer look at the problems and how they often progress.

Carpal Tunnel and RSI

Both carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injuries can cause tingling fingers as well as numbness of the fingers. Carpal tunnel is a problem that deals with the median nerve. Often the carpal tunnel is compressed and presses down on the nerve, causing pain, tingling, and in some cases, even numbness. Repetitive stress injuries are a bit different, although they can include the carpal tunnel. They are injuries that occur because of a motion that is done repetitively, or over and over again. This can definitely cause some painful symptoms, including tingling in the fingers.

Usually Tingling Occurs First

In most cases of carpal tunnel and RSI, you will find that the tingling in the fingers occurs first. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes you will find that the numbness in the fingers can occur first. At times these symptoms may be exclusive of each other, but usually you will find that they do come in pairs.

In Some Cases Finger Numbness Occurs

If you are already dealing with finger tingling, you may find that finger numbness is not far behind. This doesn't always occur this way though. There are some cases when both the tingling and the numbness occur together. In other cases, you may find that the tingling occurs and numbness never ends up occurring.


Leading Cause of Lost Work Time


Sadly, many companies have found today that one of the leading causes of lost work time is carpal tunnel syndrome. Often those who are dealing with the symptoms of carpal tunnel, such as finger numbness, are slowed down and their productivity on the job lags behind. Studies done by OSHA have shown that when it comes to lost work time, this is the most common cause of it. Unfortunately there are many workers that are afraid of losing their jobs, so they just dismiss the problems that they are dealing with and keep trying to work.


Ignoring the Problem causes More Problems

While it may seem admirable or courageous to ignore carpal tunnel symptoms, such as finger numbness, in order to keep your job, this can actually cause even more problems. In fact, just ignoring any carpal tunnel symptoms that you have in the beginning can lead to a more severe case of the problem in the long run. It is only early diagnosis and treatment that can help to keep this problem from getting worse, keeping employees more productive when they are on the job.



Taking Control with Carpal Tunnel Solutions

Fortunately for those who have jobs they can't afford to lose, there are a variety of carpal tunnel solutions available that can help employees take control of this problem and relieve their painful symptoms. Take the time to visit your health care provider and discuss the tingling and/or numbness you are experiencing. Treatments are available, as are ergonomic accessories that can help prevent this problem.  Some of the best solutions can include therapy, wearing braces when sleeping, injections to the nerve, and in extreme cases, surgery may help. It's important that those patients dealing with finger numbness talk to their doctor immediately to ensure that they get the needed treatment as soon as possible before the situation becomes even worse.  Tingling and numbness can affect your ability to work, especially if you have an office or computer job, so taking precautions will improve your comfort level and work abilities.