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Avoid Harmful Wrist Extension

Avoid Harmful Wrist Extension

Researchers have demonstrated that complete blockage of nerve signals can occur when pressure equal to 40mm of Mercury (measured just like atmospheric pressure) is applied for an 8-hour period. How much wrist extension does it take to create this much pressure? Only 20 degrees! More detailed information, including references to the specific studies, can be found on our “University Study” page.

See an example of harmful extension by moving your cursor over the indicated area on the graphic above:

This warrants repeating: Complete blockage of nerve signals (!) can occur from this simple transgression for an 8-hour period!

On any keyboard, wrist rests should only be used for resting, not while typing. But as we all know, many people do lots of things they shouldn’t do, and this is one habit that is extremely hard to break. The best solution is to use a keyboard that inherently doesn’t allow significant wrist extension by its’ design. (Hint: think SafeTypeTM)