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6 Adjustable &/Or Customizable Products


One Size does NOT Fit All

We all know that one size does not fit all. I'm still shocked when I see that label on a garment- all you have to do is look at the passers-by on the street to see that. For a culture that prides itself in individuality, it's a little surprising to ever see "one size fits all." As a result, more and more manufacturers are realizing this truth and are customizing their products for greater user comfort and increased productivity. Here are some of my favorite products for work that are either adjustable or a different size than the "norm."

6 Adjustable &/Or Customizable Products

  • Large frame designer reading glasses. If you're big and/or tall, there's no reason your reading glasses can't be, too!
  • There are a variety of adjustable desks that you can customize for yourself. I am a fan of the sit or stand work station, the One Step Adjustable Height (corner) desk, and the smart desk. Whether you need flexibility in how you work or you just need your desk to actually fit you, each of these ergonomic desks allow you that freedom.
  • Lever Keyboard Arm System. A great way to place your keyboard and mouse side by side and adjust them both simultaneously!
  • Contour Mouse. This is the only mouse that is literally designed to fit your hand, whether it's petite, large, or "average."
  • Ergonomic chairs with adjustable arm rests. Most office chairs aren't fully adjustable. You need to be able to raise and lower the actual seat pan and back support, as well as the arm rests. Again, no matter where you are on the short or tall, big or small spectrum, your chair should accommodate you exactly as you are.
  • Split Keyboards. Split keyboards allow you to separate the 2 halves of the keyboard as wide as you like, offering more freedom in how you type.

The bottom line is that no matter whether you like the size of your bottom it is what it is, and it should be comfortable at work.