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Choosing the right ergonomic desk


We've all heard how important an ergonomic desk is. After a while, it all kind of sounds like you're in a Peanuts cartoon, and all you can hear is "blah blah blah."

Why is an ergonomic desk so important?

The main reason behind getting an ergonomic desk is to keep your body from straining. When all you stuff is crammed in a tiny space or, conversely, spread out to the point of being out of reach, your body's natural instinct is to get too tight or strain too far. The result is cramped, tight, or strained muscles, which can and often do lead to repetitive strain injuries, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

How do I choose the best ergonomic desk for me?

  • Look at your space and see what you have, versus what you need. You can't create more space, but you can certainly make more out of it. Try the following for: smaller spaces, sit and stand options, or even stowable, portable needs.
  • Checkhow you personally will fit under the desk. Whether you're big and tall or small and petite, you need to have clearance under the desk, but not too much. The ideal position is for your feet to be flat on the floor (versus touching the desk and crammed, or resting on the toes).
  • Check out the features the desk offers. Make sure it is designed thoughtfully so that you can reach essential items with good ergonomic posture, meaning nothing that causes strain injuries. So, look for a well-positioned desk height-wise, as well as a place for your keyboard and mouse to sit next to each other on the same surface. It is fine for the monitor to be on another surface, and in fact, that is ideal since your monitor should be 15-20 inches away from your face, as well as at eye level so that you aren't bending your neck to look up or down at it.

The bottom line is to consider the space you have and what you need to fit on the desk, while also ensuring good ergonomic posture so that you can avoid working in awkward positions.