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Common Wrist Exercises to Help Prevent Repetitive Stress Injuries


Believe it or not, you can actually prevent repetitive stress injuries. These injuries can be very painful and can lead to arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even tendonitis. So, it is very important that you start learning now how you can prevent them from happening. One of the best ways that you can prevent these injuries from occurring is to use some common wrist exercises. Not sure where to begin? Well, here are a few great wrist exercises that can help you to make sure that you prevent repetitive stress injuries yourself.

Exercise #1 - The Tension Relief Exercise - One great exercise that you can try is the tension relief exercise. This is a great one for your arms and wrists. Just take your arms and wrists and let them dangle right from your shoulders. Then shake them gently allowing them to relax. Take deep breaths while you are doing this exercise as well. It allows the muscles to relax and works out any problems.

Exercise #2 - Simple Wrist Stretch - A simple wrist stretch can also be very helpful if you are trying to prevent repetitive wrist injuries as well. Simple take your hands and then make a fist. Put them on a desk or table top with your arms also supported on your desk as well. Take your fists and then stretch them gently to the left and then to the right. Then release the fingers and put them on the edge of your desk and gently press with your fingers.

Exercise #3 - Fist Clinches - Fist clinches are another great exercise that you can use when you want to prevent repetitive stress injuries to the wrist. Put your fingers together and make a fist with them. Keep the fist tightly together for about five seconds then allow the fingers to relax. Do this about 5- 10 times for the best results.

Exercise #4 - Hand Circles - Hand circles really work as well. Take your hands and make circles very slowly by having the hands rotate at the wrist. Make sure that you do this in a controlled way. You can do about 10-20 repetitions at once for the best results.

Exercise #5 - Wrist Extension and Flexion - The wrist extension and flexion is a great exercise to try as well. Simply sit behind your desk and keep the elbow down but allow the forearm to rest on the table and have the wrist hanging off. Have a weighted object, such as a water bottle in your hand. Then extend and flex the wrist, moving the hand up and down with the weighted object. Do this slowly and in a controlled manner. You should only do about 10 repetitions at a time and then add on slowly as your wrist gets used to the exercise.