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Designing an Ergonomic Work Station: Part 1


Designing Your Dream Ergonomic Space

People often go to Home Depot, Lowe's, or even IKEA to get creative, practical ideas and tips for their dream kitchens, bathrooms, and house projects. I frequently find myself dreaming about my ideal ergonomic set-up in the space I currently have. You see, I wasn't always a stay-at-home online writer- in fact, I used to teach high school Spanish. In those days, I would have designed a completely different work space because I had more space and different needs. For example, I would have loved a wireless presentation keyboard or even a mobile stand for my laptop as I presented new concepts and vocabulary.

However, now that I now that I work from home 7 days a week, my needs and wants are quite different. I don't have a classroom I cna leave behind at the end of the day- I have to live with my choices 24/7. So, if I could pick anything, here is what I would choose after a year+ of researching and writing about ergonomic products.

My Desk & Chair

  • Isn't this a great, compact, flexible design that would work almost anywhere?

    Sit-or-Stand Work Station- Having the option to stand is essential for those of us who struggle with back aches and pains. Plus, I just love options and the ability to change. I guess that's why I am a fan of ergonomic products- they are built around the idea of adjustability. Thus, I would choose the sit or stand work station. It has a small footprint and would easily fit in my living room corner where I currently "office." Plus as I grow larger with child #3 and want to stretch my back, I like the idea that I could just pop my laptop on the higher platform and keep working or emailing. Lastly, I mentioned it's compact- I have plenty of wall space vertically, so I appreciate that this ergonomic desk takes advantage of height instead of width.

  • Body Bilt Ergonomic Chair- I usually dislike office chairs because they're so large and, well, officey. I work from home and I want my home to still feel like home. I like that this Body Bilt chair has all the adjustable accoutrements while still maintaining a relatively small footprint, and a red footprint at that. I don't think this chair would overwhelm a room and it would match my red accents. When you get style and ergonomic comfort, win-win, I say.

What would you do if you could design your own ergonomic work station? I'd choose the Sit-or-Stand Work Station and the Body Bilt Ergonomic Chair as a base for my hub- be sure to check back next time for more of my dream ergonomic set-up.