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Designing an Ergonomic Work Station: Part 2


Designing Your Dream Ergonomic Space

People often go to Home Depot, Lowe's, or even IKEA to get creative, practical ideas and tips for their dream kitchens, bathrooms, and house projects. I frequently find myself dreaming about my ideal ergonomic set-up in the space I currently have. You see, I wasn't always a stay-at-home online writer- in fact, I used to teach high school Spanish. In those days, I would have designed a completely different work space because I had more space and different needs. For example, I would have loved a wireless presentation keyboard or even a mobile stand for my laptop as I presented new concepts and vocabulary.

However, now that I now that I work from home 7 days a week, my needs and wants are quite different. I don't have a classroom I can leave behind at the end of the day- I have to live with my choices 24/7. So, if I could pick anything, here is what I would choose after a year+ of researching and writing about ergonomic products.

My Actual Work Station {Computing}

I mentioned last time that I would design around the Sit or Stand WorkStation and the Body Bilt Ergonomic Chair. With a great ergonomic desk and ergonomic chair in place, I can consider my computing needs.

  • Wireless Ergo Wave Ergonomic Keyboard- I do work on a laptop, but we all know that for sustained periods of typing, we should dock our laptops. {We do all know that, right? ;)} The reason for this is that the lowered position of a laptop on the lap is not ideal for ergonomic posture in that we tend to drop our heads {thus straining our necks} and cock our wrists {thus straining our wrists, hands, and fingers}. As a result, it's better to raise the laptop to desk level. All that to say that if I'm going to the trouble to dock my laptop, then I'd love to ergonomify it as much as possible. I would LOVE a wireless ergonomic keyboard that offered a great set-up and a built-in wrist rest, and I just found it.
  • Evoluent Ergonomic Mouse- Again, if I'm going to set up an ergonomic work space, then I want all the benefits! I love the handshake position this mouse provides. After a long day of typing and mousing, I usually walk away with strained wrists, thumbs, and forefinger. The latter two are usually from my touch pad. Thus, I'd love an ergonomic mouse that would take better care of my wrists, hands, and fingers.

If I could design my own ergonomic work station, I'd choose the Wireless Ergo Wave Ergonomic Keyboard and the Evoluent Ergonomic Mouse for when I dock my laptop- be sure to check back next time for more of my dream ergonomic set-up!