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Easy Ergonomics


How many hours a day do you spend on the computer? Whether it's for work or personal reasons, from emailing to texting to Tweeting, most of us spend at least a third or a half of our awake time online. It's a hard fact to face, but an important one in that our posture and use of computer equipment can either benefit or harm our bodies over time. Just by being intentional about how we sit and work (or play) can help us avoid repetitive stress injuries such as , or tendinitis.

Just as a reminder, here are some pointers for good ergonomics:

  • Never sit or work in such a way that makes you overextend or move awkwardly to reach anything.
  • Give yourself breaks to stretch and to rest your eyes. Even blinking to return moisture to your eyes and switching tasks or points of focus will help you avoid eye strain.
  • Your keyboard should be in front of you and directly next to your mouse. Your monitor, on the other hand, should be on a separate/raised surface so that you do not have to bend your neck to see it well.
  • When typing, it's important not to cock flex, or tighten your hands or wrists. A wrist rest can help with this.

Easy Ergonomics

A nice option for easy ergonomics is the Freedom Package. This free style split keyboard allows for use of both hands while maintaining a small foot print and a familiar lay-out, so as not to overwork your dominant hand. Plus, the roller mouse is designed for use with unflexed hand and control is equidistant from both hands, thus encouraging ambidextrous use. By relieving your dominant hand of sole responsibility for mousing, you allow less wear and tear on it. The Freedom Package has many more features, but but the reason it's a top-seller is because it's a veritable one-stop shop for easy ergonomics at your fingertips.