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Easy Ways to Increase your Productivity


Just Google "increase your productivity" and you'll see how many people are interested in getting more out of their 8 or 9 hours at work. Some tips are fairly obvious and others are helpful, so I thought I'd throw out some good ones you might not immediately think of...

Tips for Increasing Productivity

First, clear away the clutter.

Next, move all essential items so that they are within arm's reach. You want to avoid straining your arms, shoulders, wrists, and hands.

Finally, make sure your keyboard and mouse are on the same surface and close to each other. Again, you want to avoid straining yourself as you reach for your mouse, and you also want to be more productive. Unnecessary reaching is a loss of time.

  • Consider upgrading to an ergonomic keyboard, such as a left-handed keyboard or mini keyboard. Both keyboards fit your wrists and hands better and move the number pad for faster typing.
  • Similarly, why not try an ergonomic mouse? If you're like me, your fingers are tired after a ton of touch pad mousing. Ergonomic mice are wonderful for customizing the work experience to your own needs. When your mouse fits your hand, and as a result, your hand isn't exhausted at the end of the day, you cant help but be more productive.

Just by re-ordering your desktop and trying a few new products, you can easily be more productive and get more out of your work day.