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Ergonomic Chairs for Work


Ergonomics in Grocery Stores

Every time I shop at a grocery store, I feel for the poor person behind the register. I imagine they work long shifts, reaching for groceries, sliding them across the scanner, customer after customer after customer, rarely getting the luxury of sitting. As a former teacher, I can sympathize with being on your feet all day. I've never been so tired or wished for more comfortable shoes in my life.

Anyway, last week, I was checking out at my local grocery store and noticed something interesting. Each checker was sitting....in ergonomic chairs, no less! I marvelled at the novelty of this idea: this store's management decided to invest in ergonomic chairs for each of their employees. In fact, all they needed was a chair for each register, and the employees would rotate through while on shift. The result is that each employee can better fulfill their work responsibilities and not have aching backs or sore feet.

Do you suffer discomfort at work?

Ergonomic chairs are the solution for many aches and pains sustained while at work. Just sitting with better posture will help ease a lot of discomfort. Adjustability is the next step- it's important to customize your chair for maximum comfort. Here are some tips for choosing the best ergonomic chair.

What to Look for in an Ergonomic Chair

  • The actual seat of the chair, also known as the seat pan, should provide plenty of room for your hips to sit comfortable, plus a few inches to spare on each side. Just like jeans, a little wiggle room is a good thing.
  • Your weight should be spread evenly across the seat pan and you should still feel comfortable after an hour of sitting.
  • The seat shouldn't be too deep for your upper legs. It also shouldn't catch you behind the knees.
  • The height of the chair should be adjustable. Better yet is the ability to adjust your chair while you're sitting in it to get the best position.
  • While sitting, both your feet should be able to rest comfortably on the floor.
  • A good work chair should also come with good back support that supports the lower part of your back. It's ideal if the back support is adjustable, but that's just an added bonus.
  • Another nice feature is for it to fully recline for different positions.
  • As for arm rests, it's important that they support your arms to keep from straining your wrists. So, the more the arm rests adjusts, the better off your wrists will be. When you adjust them, they should be low enough to keep your arms at your sides and in a relaxed position.
  • Be forewarned that you should not permanently rest on the arm rests during the work day because constant use puts pressure on the nerves in your elbow, which will be uncomfortable. So, use them as rests for breaks during typing and mousing.