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Ergonomic Features in the Typical CTU Office


Some of my favorite lines from 24

As I've watched all 7 seasons of 24, it's hard not to admire Jack Bauer and CTU. Even rewatching the seasons is not dull as you see Jack's character evolve from slightly unethical to full-blown insane. That's not to say I don't enjoy his character's development, quite the contrary, but my husband and I have a game we play as we watch. We each guess a line we think we'll hear during a specific episode. {This only works for the first viewing of it, of course.} My guesses are usually as follows:

  • I had no choice./It was my only option.
  • I'm going dark.
  • _______ is complicit....{in some evil scheme}
  • I need you to trust me.
  • The first gentleman {which only worked in one season, granted, but is worth the guess because it's just awesome}

Ergonomic Features in the Typical CTU Office

Similarly, I have been in awe of the technical support Jack Bauer has received as a federal and/or rogue agent. Here are a few of my favorite amenities CTU employees enjoy:

I will say that CTU could stand for a few more ergonomic features to mitigate the daily stress they already feel. One such feature could be sit or stand desks, so that when Division (or Chloe) leans over their desks to micromanage, there would be less awkwardness and more face to face talk. Additionally, why not throw in some sound masking to accompany the glazed windows for better privacy and confidentiality? I mean, how much better would an interrogation go if fewer people could listen in and eventually screw it up?

As it is, I believe if CTU agents have to suffer through a week of non-stop "days", they should do it in style and ergonomic comfort. Isn't national security worth it?