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Ergonomics at Work – Preventing Eye Stress and Strain


If you spend hours during your workday staring at your computer monitor you probably have more eye stress than you realize. Putting to work a few ergonomic products and principles can reduce eyestrain and prevent problems with your eyes.

Glare on your desk and monitor can contribute quite a bit to eyestrain. Choose a desk that has a top that will not cause a glare. Avoid a glass top. Also make sure your desk or work area is deep enough to allow the monitor to be at least twenty inches from your eyes.

Choose a monitor with a riser/swivel stand. This allows you to tilt the monitor to a position without glare. Your monitor support surface should allow you to modify distance, as well as tilt and rotation angles to help eliminate glare, and improve readability on the screen.

Once your desk and monitor have been set up there are other things you can do to help reduce eyestrain. Resting your eyes periodically by focusing on an object farther away than your computer screen will help. Also try to stop, look away from your monitor and blink regularly to keep eyes moist.

Make sure the angle of your monitor is positioned for the best reading of the screen. Try to tilt the monitor so it is perpendicular with your line of sight. Usually no more than 10 or 20 degrees is sufficient.

Dust and clean your monitor regularly to allow for clear viewing. Finally, if possible try to alternate duties with computer use to avoid sitting for hours looking at your monitor.