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Ergonomics for Typing


Do you ever experience pain in your wrists and/or hands when you type? Whether you're typing from a laptop or an ill-fitting desk at work or home, chances are you are contributing to your own pain (repetitive stress injuries, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) without even realizing it. Pain in your hands and/or wrists usually results from poor typing habits.

Ergonomics for More Comfortable Typing

  • Your wrists should never be cocked when you type. Rather they should be in a neutral position, allowing your fingers to hover over the keyboard.
  • Even if you're using your laptop, you need to elevate it and provide proper wrist support so that your wrists do not cock as you type.
  • If you use a mouse pad, be sure not to strain your index finger. In fact, if possible, dock your laptop and use an ergonomic mouse so that your hand, wrist, and fingers are neutrally and comfortably positioned.
  • Your mouse should be next to your keyboard at all times- never inches away.
  • Mouse with your arm, not your hand.
  • Check out an ergonomic keyboard, such as a contour keyboard. With optimal split and lateral split, as well as palm support, your arms, hands, and thumbs are positioned for better ergonomics and more comfortable typing and with a narrow footprint, your mouse is right where it needs to be. Make sure to check out the Contour Keyboard in action.

Wrist and/or hand pain may seem the inevitable cost of working from a computer. But with technological advances come ergonomic advances, too.