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Example of an Ergonomic Workstation


We frequently talk about working with good ergonomic principles and having a work space that really works for you. This is easier said than done, though. We know that. So we thought we'd high light the changes one reader told us about. He is a PhD student, a parish worker, and a father of 2- thus, it's essential that he gets the most efficient use of every device possible. There's simply no time to spare between studies, work, and family time.

  • First, he docked and elevated his laptop. You've got to remember this guy does a ton of reading, studying, and writing for hours at a time. Thus, reading and typing from a laptop was not really an option.
  • Second, he grabbed an extra mounted monitor and an ergonomic keyboard for even more reading and typing comfort. He chose a Microsoft keyboard with slight curvature.
  • Next, our reader added a wrist rest for breaks between typing periods.
  • Similarly, our guy upgraded to an ergonomic mouse and even went for a mouse pad with a built-in wrist rest. Pretty cool.
  • You'll also notice that our avid reader has not one, but two document holders for all the texts and notes he has to reference.
  • Light! This particular office is not very bright, so he added two small lights so he can see, of course, but also so he can avoid eye strain. Note that he did not put the lights right on the monitors- no reason to create glare where it doesn't need to be!
  • Not pictured, our reader also takes advantage of a foot rest for comfort since his tiny office is his virtual second home.

When upgrading your work station, note that brands are not nearly as important ergonomic quality. The most important and efficiency-boosting ergonomic upgrades you can make are an ergonomic keyboard and ergonomic mouse.