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Eye Strain & Easy Remedies


At the end of the work day, are your eyes strained? Do you have double or blurry vision after staring at the computer screen all day?

Symptoms of Eye Strain:

  • tired, burning, sore, or itching eyes
  • watery eyes
  • dry eyes
  • blurred or double vision
  • headache
  • sore neck
  • increased sensitivity to light
  • problems with focusing
  • color fringes or images when you look away from your computer screen

The good news is that eye strain does not usually end in permanent damage. The bad news is that even temporary problems, such as eye strain, are hard to deal with on a daily basis, especially if you stare at a computer screen all day.

Tips to deal with eye strain

  • Make sure you're not too close to your monitor- it should be at last 20 inches from your face. You can try a monitor lift mate for proper height.
  • If you use a lap top, set it on a counter or desk so you're not always looking down- a good rule of thumb is that at least the first line of what you're reading should be eye level.
  • Try to angle your screen/monitor so that's there's no glare.
  • Take breaks and blink regularly.
  • Consider reading glasses. Many people find that they need a a separate pair (i.e. prescription) of readers for computer work.

Take care of your eyes- no one else will.