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Finding Ergonomic Freedom


Celebrating Independence

Most people think of freedom on the 4th of July. It's no wonder as we celebrate our independence and our right to live as we wish. These are all good thoughts, but I would like to suggest that there are other forms of freedom, if less noble, at least quite practical. For example, it's only fitting to discuss ergonomic freedom, wouldn't you say? Yes, of course. Ergonomic freedom is being able to work in such a way that you don't walk away sore, achey, or injury-ridden. Sadly, this is not the case for many workers, especially those who work at a computer. Many hunch over their keyboards, pounding away at keys, and finally over-reaching for and clenching an ill-fitting mouse. This need not be the case. {Make sure you check out these tips for healthier typing, too.}

Freedom Package

That said, today we'll celebrate ergonomic freedom by discussing the benefits of a split keyboard, one which is aptly named the Freestyle Keyboard. Split keyboards offer the greatest adjustability, which is key in finding ergonomic comfort and ease of use. Just like with ergonomic chairs, being able to adjust your keyboard for your own specific tastes and preferences is ideal. A split keyboard allows you to pull the two halves of the keyboard apart or keep them together, whichever is your preference. The Freestyle keyboard also comes in a package equipped with a built-in mouse that is equidistant to encourage ambidextrous use so that neither hand is overly cramped or misused. The compact design of this freedom package keeps all the keys and even the mouse within a small radius for minimal movement.

This Independence Day, treat yourself to a little freedom with the Freestyle Keyboard and the Freedom Package.