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Gesture Key Pad


Switching to a Mini?

Ergonomists say that it's essential for typists to keep their keyboards and mice right next to each other. However, the average worker in the cubicle farm doesn't exactly have tons of desk space to spare which is why they often separate the two. So, a simple solution has been to switch out traditional keyboards for mini keyboards. And while this is a good ergonomic and organizational solution, some users have found the loss of the number pad to be detrimental to some of their work.

The Gesture Pad

Enter the gesture pad. It is a smart touch pad with a fully integrated number pad, which can be used as a touch pad or a fully functional 10-key. The gesture keypad offers short cuts through gestures you can find on the gesture keypad chart, such as tapping, magnification, switching windows, etc.

The result is that you can have the best of both worlds- the compact size of a mini and the use of a number pad. But, now you can enjoy a touch pad with gesture short cuts and only pull it out as you need it.