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How the Use of Mini Keyboards Cuts Your Trips to Your Chiropractor’s Clinic


Have you seen keyboards as small as the palm of your hands? No, you don’t need a new pair of eyeglasses; they really got them shrunk!

Innovation never sleeps; that’s for certain, as more and more keyboards and electronic mice make their debut on gadget stores almost every quarter, if not every month. They come in various styles and colors, and now in midget-sizes, too!

The Benefits of Using Mini Keyboards:

Before economic recession hit the globe, there were prototypes of mini keyboards sold in various stores claiming health benefits, such as treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome or relief from wrist pain and shoulder pain, which are symptoms of CTS. Manufacturers claimed that their products were designed for “ergonomics purposes”, but the topic on ergonomics was fairly new, so only few people paid attention.

Lately, as more and more people have experienced carpal tunnel syndrome and other ailments associated with the long use of computers, interest on ergonomics grew and sales of mini keyboards took off!

If you are constantly seeing your chiropractor for neck, shoulder, arm and wrist pains, your use of a mini keyboard may lessen your trips to his clinic and increase your savings instead.

Why do Mini Keyboards make a buzz?

  1. Comfort.

Ergonomically-designed mini keyboards, due to their size, allow more space for your wrist and hand to lay on the same surface where your PC or laptop is located. This aligns your wrist and hand with your keyboard; pressure on your wrist is minimized.

  1. Ease of Use.

The use of external mice on ordinary keyboards, over a long period of time, harms the nerve that runs between the wrist and the arm, which causes carpal tunnel syndrome, a repetitive stress injury. Left unattended, carpal tunnel syndrome may cause permanent disability.

Most mini keyboards have built-in keypads that no longer require the movement of your hand from the keyboard to the mouse and back again. This cuts pressure on your wrist and hand in half.

  1. Flexibility.

Patience may be a virtue, but not everyone has patience over wires. Good news, as most mini keyboards are wireless.

  1. Functionality.

Mini keyboards come in various styles that suit every user’s preference. If you prefer your keyboard to have a touch pad rather than a mouse that’s exactly what you will find in gadget stores near you. If you are left-handed and would prefer the keypad and the number’s pad interchanged, you will certainly find mini keyboards designed for that purpose as well.

  1. Convenience.

Due to its size, it is easy to pack a mini keyboard in your bag or pouch. You can use a mini keyboard, alternately with your laptop’s, as it gives you freer movement.

The study of ergonomics has proven helpful in finding relief for common pains associated with repetitive stress injury and those who have started on the road to recovery considered their use of mini keyboard significant to their well-being.

You either take their word for it or find out for yourself – your choice.