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How to Choose a Wireless Mouse


Going Wireless

I have recently really been wanting a wireless mouse for my laptop. I have a touch pad that I am capable of using, I just am not as efficient with, nor do I prefer over a separate mouse. Thus, if I'm going to spring for a mouse, I want to make the most of it- why not go ergonomic and wireless?

Why I wanted a wireless mouse

There are actually several reasons why I wanted a wireless mouse.

  1. As I mentioned above, I work from a laptop, and as savvy as I try to be, I really don't like touch pads. For short periods of time, touch pads are fine, but after a longer stretch of typing/mousing, my right thumb and forefinger are usually very sore and prone to cramping from awkward mousing.
  2. A wireless mouse would allow me to mouse from any surface, even the couch if I'm just emailing while watching a movie or relaxing. There's no point in having the portability of a laptop if you're wired in with your mouse.
  3. I don't like cords and the tangled mess that inevitably occurs with a bunch a wires. Thus, a wireless mouse would also be convenient on my desktop. Plus, I have kids, and the fewer wires you have, the better- believe me.

Choosing a Wireless Mouse

Choosing a wireless mouse is another thing altogether. Here's what I looked for.

  • Joystick hold

    A comfortable fit. This is always a top concern for ergonomic products. There's no reason to spend money on a product that isn't comfortable because it's ill-fitting.

  • Right or left-handed compatibility. You might as well get a mouse that goes with your specific handedness.
  • A low impact style- palm-down mice are not ideal ergonomically. Look for a handshake, joystick, or other position for your hand- the best ones are usually those that put your hand in the most natural position possible- ie not palm-down. The Renaissance mouse is a great option because it has a joystick hold and is also available in a wireless model.

When choosing a wireless mouse, be sure to look for comfort, fit, and design.