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iPads are the New Business Must-Have


iPads at Work

Many businesses have started appreciating the usefulness, savviness, and portability of iPads, even if their forerunners were somewhat of a professional no-no not too long ago. In fact, unlike iPods and iPhones (which were frequently banned from the office), iPads have been celebrated by business managers worldwide as an integral part of the work day as evidenced by the fact that more than 500 of the over 11,000 iPad applications are in the business category. From sales guys to attorneys, more and more professionals are toting iPads to and from work.

The Ergonomic Implications

When you play with an iPad for the first time in the Apple store, it' easy to get excited about the touch screen and many available features. It's easy to see why so many business men and women are downsizing their laptops and upgrading to better, more customizable features. The inevitable down side is that over time, extended use of an iPad can compromise basic ergonomics. When you have to hold the iPad, unlike a laptop, it doesn't support itself close to eye level. Rather, you have to lay it down on a flat surface to type. Similarly, even while reading or skimming text, finding a comfortable position for more than a few minutes can prove challenging. Thus, using the iPad all day at work can be an ergonomic nightmare as hands start to cramp and fingers strain to find the smaller keys.

A few helpful add-ons you might benefit from are a stand, a mini keyboard, and a swivel mount. All three iPad accessories are made specifically to improve iPad usability for sustained periods of time. You can even try a bundle and save a bundle.