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Layout Changes in Mini Keyboards Improves Use and Reduces Stress


Learn about new ergonomic friendly layout changes in mini keyboards.

If you’re searching for a way to reduce stress while sitting for hours at your keyboard, investigate the new changes in mini keyboards. Instead of using the outdated traditional size and style keyboard, using a mini keyboard has benefits you won’t find elsewhere.

One of the most obvious benefits is the size. A smaller keyboard translates into many options for making your keyboarding experiences more ergonomically effective. A mini keyboard lets you put it in the most effective place for the task. Adjustments in placement are easy from side-to-side, forward, backward, and even different spots on your desk, in your lap, on a keyboard tray as well as many other places. Mini keyboards can be used in almost any place helping you to align your body so as not to stress your shoulder, neck, arms, wrists, and hands. Choose wireless mini keyboard and you have even more freedom with placement choices.

Not only can you place your mini keyboard in almost any position, you have choices in layout design to accommodate your specific uses. For example, the numeric keypad position on a traditional keyboard is on the right. With the mini keyboards, you can have it placed on the left or even have one without this keypad. Either this allows you to place your mouse closer to the keyboard, or if you choose to omit the numeric keypad, you can have a touch pad placed on the right side of your keyboard replacing your mouse. Again, this allows you to make good ergonomic choices depending on how you normally use your keyboard.

To help keep the wrists comfortable in and proper alignment, you can choose mini keyboard with or without a wrist rest. Many come with built in wrist rests for additional comfort. As you make your decision about a wrist rest, do keep in mind, this is a very personal choice. What works for you, may not work ergonomically for your friend. If possible, test a bit before you make a final decision.

With the many changes and options in mini keyboard layout, you should be able to find just the right match for your needs. Whether it for work, travel, or at home, a mini keyboard can help reduce strain while keyboard, give you more computing enjoyment, and help to prevent chronic repetitive stress conditions that are so common with extended computer use.