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Making the Most out of Small Spaces


Working from Home without a Home Office

Working from home can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have a home office per se. And being productive in a small space can be challenging, tiring, and overwhelming in and of itself- but not having the right equipment can be a deal-breaker. Whether you’re squeezing into a closet, maximizing a corner, or having to pack up your stuff at the end of each work day to clear it out, it's important that you have a consistent area you can count on.

The Close and Go Desk is a fabulous option for those of us who work, live, and play in the same space. As its name implies, this desk can literally fold away into a closet when you need your living room back. It's the desk version of the pack n play- serves the same function, but packs away small enough to put away or even carry with you should the need arise.

Small Office Solutions

Sometimes you're out of your home, but still don't have great work space. For example, my husband was just asked to work part-time at our church. Our church building is a coupIe hundred years old (go, Scotland!), so adding a small office or even a cubicle doesn't really fulfill the restored antique aesthetic. Plus, there's really only one smallish room for all of the staff to office in. So, I recommended something like the Z-Ergonomic Work Station which is ideal for small spaces and a limited budget (what church like throwing away money on furniture, right?)

Whether you're in your own home or just cramped quarters, don't make space an issue. There many affordable options, such as the two above, that are well worth the initial investment.