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Maximizing Productivity


Most workers would like to be more productive. Even if they don't care about productivity, their managers do. Bottom line is that more productivity means more results and more business conducted. And since you can't get more than 24 hours out of a day (a third of which go to work), it's wise to reflect on how to maximize those 8 hours.

  • Organize your work space- whether it's a closet at home, a cubicle at work, or a large corner office, organization enables you to find what you need when you need it and also frees your mind from stressing over unnecessary clutter.
  • Asses your work space once it is organized- how much space do you have and how are you using it? Consider relocating distracting items (pictures or other personal items) or even rearranging your furniture to better fit your space.
  • Consider ergonomic adjustments- productive workers are those who listen to their bodies' needs. If you back is achey, your fingers tingly, or your wrists tender, you may not have the best ergonomic work space. Many workers have taken advantage of ergonomic keyboards, mice, and desks to better suit their physical needs at work. Some ergonomic desks even allow you to sit or stand, thus alleviating back tension from a cramped, sitting position all day.
  • Employ white noise- whether you're covering general office noise, a specific (and loud coworker), or simply trying to keep your focus on one task, white noise machines, such as the Sonet System,are highly effective. You might even consider talking to your manager about getting it for you, citing the dramatic results of office sound masking, such as increased productivity, lower error rates, and less stress.
  • Know yourself- you know you. You've spent the last 20, 30, 40, or 50 years learning all about you, so no one knows better what you need to work efficiently. Whether you work best by planning ahead or just the opposite, at the last minute, know your limits and work within them. Above all else, set yourself up for success and stop wasting time. Design your work station and your work day according to your own needs and follow these boundaries so that you are as productive as possible.

You may have already done some of the above action points- if not, take the time to determine what might really help you get the most out of your work day in the least painful way.