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Mini Keyboards & Why You Should Use One


One of the most common injuries computer users report is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), and a main contributor to it is an ill-fitting or poorly designed keyboard. Standard keyboards encourage poor ergonomic habits that injure your hands, wrists, and even fingers, but most frequently leads to CTS. Thus, whether you're a software engineer or an administrative assistant, it's essential that you have the right tools to protect you from work-related stress and injuries.

Benefits of a Mini Keyboard

Ergonomic keyboards, like mini keyboards, are designed to eliminate unnecessary or rarely used keys and to protect the user from CTS. Tthere are several benefits to using a mini keyboard.

  1. A mini keyboard can help you escape the pain and other effects of carpal tunnel syndrome, and the expense involved if corrective surgery was required for the condition.
  2. Additionally, mini keyboards are obviously small and therefore fit on even a tiny desktop. And since it's important to keep your keyboard and your mouse side-by-side, this space-saving keyboard may make that positioning possible.
  3. Because of its sleek design, you waste less time reaching for keys and actually type more efficiently.
  4. Lastly, iMini keyboards are the perfect ergonomic accessories to iPads, keeping the whole system compact and efficient.

The design of a mini keyboard is based on common problems and seeks to correct them. Thus, mini keyboards are a good option for workers who have struggled with a standard, one size fits all keyboard.