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Reduce Repetitive Stress Injury With a Left Handed Keyboard


Find out why a left handed keyboard may be the best choice for both the right- and left-handed!

Some would say that sitting at a keyboard all day is not a difficult task. While it may not be like digging ditches, the job of all day keyboarding still poses the threat of injury.

Repetitive Stress Injuries occur when a blood vessel, nerve or tendon has constant pressure for long periods. Commonly called contact stress, this pressure can cause pain, tingling, and numbness. Once of the most common injuries of this type is carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the “carpal tunnel” in your wrist becomes narrowed and places pressure on the median nerve inside. Switching keyboards could greatly reduce your stress and pain, and even eliminate the chance of getting a repetitive stress injury.

For both the right handed and left handed, using a left handed keyboard can help keep your forearms, wrists, and hands in best ergonomic neutral positions. This neutral position virtually eliminates contact stress and thus prevents chances of injury. Left handed keyboard have a major change in their layout.

Instead of having the numeric keypad placed on the right side of your keyboard, it is placed on the left side. This major layout change allows the user, whether left or right handed, to bring the mouse closer to the alpha keys on the keyboard. With a left handed keyboard you no longer have to place your hands in awkward positions to access your mouse.

You can also choose a left handed keyboard with a touchpad on the right side. The touchpad eliminate the need for a mouse. It is within easy reach and less stress is placed on the wrists and hands as you use the touchpad. Another benefit of using the touchpad is its functionality. Once you begin using your touchpad, you find the functions quickly improve your productivity. Scrolling, zooming, and browsing are all improved using a touchpad.

The movement of your forearms, wrists, and hands while using your keyboard may seem like a simple non-threatening movement. Still repeating the movements constantly on a daily basis causes more stress and harm than you realize. Over time this stress can cause chronic conditions requiring medical attention.

If your forearms, wrists, or hands feel the stress of constant keyboarding try a left-handed keyboard. You can reduce tiredness, aches, stiffness, tingling, and pain by making this simple change. The left handed keyboard could be your solution to preventing chronic repetitive stress injuries.