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Sit and Stand for Your Health


The New York Times recently posted an article about the advantages of standing to work. No, they didn't mean we should all quit our day jobs and start waitressing or teaching school. Rather the article discusses the ergonomic advantages of standing (versus sitting at a computer all day). The writer jokingly talks about propping his computer on a counter and working as if he were conducting an orchestra, but comes to the conclusion that maintaining that position puts undue strain on his cramping neck. So, he turned to a sit or stand desk, and eventually an adjustable height model, which he can't quit raving about. Here is his daily routine:

"And although shifting between standing and sitting was effortless — flick a switch one way to go up, the other to go down — deciding on the right height for each position took a bit of practice. The trick, I found, was to adjust the desk so that the top of my computer monitor was in line with the top of my head; this allowed me to look straight ahead at my work whether I was sitting or standing.

After a few days of warming up, I settled into a pleasant sit/stand routine. Because I found it difficult to drink coffee or eat breakfast at my desk while standing, I began most mornings seated. I’d begin to stand about an hour later. If I had to write an article, I’d remain standing for most of the day. But if I was planning to spend a lot of time on tasks that required less creative focus — surfing the Web, making phone calls, watching online videos — I’d usually switch back to sitting at around lunch time."

Sometimes it's nice to know exactly how people work out the actual sitting versus standing while working, and when each works best. You will need to customize your own routine based on your schedule and needs. For instance, if you have a lot of sit-down meetings, you might want to schedule standing work time directly before or after them so that your body gets the benefit of changed body position.

Sit and Stand Desk Options

There are some great adjustable height sit or stand desks, such as 1StepOne or the corner version of 1StepOne. While any penny spent on an ergonomic sit and stand desk is worth the benefit you will receive, the writer does note that the cost can be prohibitive, especially for someone who has to pay for it himself. Here is an affordable option that still offers the ability to sit and stand.