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Sit or Stand Desk


Sit or Stand for kids

Our daughter never, ever liked being strapped into a stroller, and regardless of parenting prowess or technique, there was no making her happy in her seat "You're gonna sit there and you're going to like it!" surprisingly did not alleviate the stress of the situation. When we had our second child 2 years ago, it was time for a new stroller....sigh. Aforementioned daughter was 2 at the time, but was (and incidentally is) ridiculously tall, not to mention squirmy. The thought of buckling her in next to a peacefully sleeping infant was not a pleasant one. Not only would she wake up the theoretically peaceful, sleeping baby, she would also have to bend in half to fit in the normal child-sized seat. When we finally came across the well-priced Sit and Stand Stroller, we were delighted! She could choose- sit in a good-sized seat, facing me (subtext: away from baby), or she could stand and still be going the same pace as the stroller (subtext: not dragging behind or tripping and falling). It has, in fact, worked beautifully! I will say the steering isn't awesome, but it's a small price to pay for having reasonable and helpful options.

Sit or Stand for Adults

Would you believe that if my daughter can have a Sit and Stand stroller, you can have a Sit or Stand desk??? I thought you might get excited, for different reasons, of course. It comes as no real shocker that the average worker doesn't feel like sitting all day. Staying in the same cramped position can be taxing on your body, and most especially your back. And back pain doesn't magically disappear- it tends to get worse. Thus, the Sit- Stand Mate (as it is actually called) works anywhere: on your desk, a table or any workstation, even counters or corners.

Here are a few more features:

  • Fully electrically-operated system that lifts up to 70 lbs. with a lift range of 7 inches from the monitor surface downwards
  • Can be customized to your specifications: lots of great add-ons
  • Keyboard tray can be raised and tilted independently, as well as positively and negatively
  • Adjustable monitor platform can hold any size or any type of monitor, up to 3 monitors (the non-skid monitor base is weighted for extra stability)
  • An adjustable mouse pad platform can be mounted to the right or left of keyboard platform

If, like my daughter, you don't care to be tied down to one position all day, give the Sit-Stand Mate a shot.