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Staying Fit While Pregnant


I've posted before about sustaining productivity while pregnant with regard to work. Today, I thought I'd bring it home a little more with working out safely and ergonomically, which always go hand in hand. Working out can be challenging while pregnant- trying to stay in shape, while protecting yourself and the baby, of course, is a work out in and of itself. I know- I'm on my third pregnancy and am just on the other side of morning sickness {knock on wood}. I am just now ending a 2 or 3-month hiatus from exercise and trying to work out again because I was told in the labor room that being in shape really helped me deliver quickly and easily. I plan on doing it again!

On the flip side, trying to work out and actually accomplishing it {safely} with 2 little ones also at home is challenging! I will say that working out from home is my cheapest, quickest option because I don't have to pay for a gym membership or child care, and there's no travel time. That said, I have 2 choices- we purchased an inexpensive used elliptical machine and I also got Gillian Michaels' Shred DVD.

Tips for Exercising Ergonomically While Pregnant

As for actually exercising, the most important thing to remember is that you're pregnant!! You simply can't work out to the degree that you were when you were in peak shape. The goal now is to keep a routine, stay healthy, keep flexibility, and not push it too hard.

Avoiding injury is essential- thus, never skip warm-ups or cool-downs. As with office ergonomics, never strain your neck, back, shoudlers, hands, or wrists- warming up and cooling down will help, as will fewer high impact routines. Give your growing, changing body a chance at health with a good warm up and cool down.

Finally, modify the moves! You may need to slow down or choose a lower impact version. I know the Shred offers a modified version, which I take advantage of and apply to other exercises I try. I also eliminated the hardest, highest impact level because it was too bouncy for my body for many, many reasons {fellow moms will understand}.

You can still exercise while pregnant, but it's important to apply the same ergonomic principles as when you're at work, such as avoiding strain and injury.