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There's a Mouse for that!


Does your mousing hand ever cramp while you work? After a long day of inputting numbers, writing prose, taking notes, blogging, texting, messaging, emailing, etc...it's easy for your hands, and especially your mousing hand, to take a beating. Often, there is a lot of strain on the thumb and forefinger as you extend them to mouse on your laptop's mouse pad. After a few posts or emails, you can already feel the soreness, which slows can slow you and your productivity and even your train of thought down.

Fortunately, there's a mouse for that! Here are a few mousing tips:

  • We love our laptops, so the best solution is to dock it when possible and work from a desk, rather than the couch. By working at a desk, you have a solid surface for your laptop and your mouse.
  • It's important to keep your mouse directly next to your keyboard and on the same surface (not inches away or, Lord forbid, on a separate surface!).
  • Mouse with your arm and not your hand. Imagine doing sit-ups. You're supposed to sit up with your abdominal muscles, not your back or legs. If you use your back or legs, you don't get the benefit of the workout and end up even injuring yourself. The same is true of mousing. It's essential to your health that you mouse with your arm instead of your hand.
  • Consider an ergonomic mouse. There are many to choose from, such as the Evoluent, the Contour, and the Aerobic Mouse. Each mouse has its own advantages, and it's important to find the one that fits your hand and needs best. To determine which ergonomic mouse is best, ask yourself how often you use your mouse and what you use it for. The answers will guide you through your search. For example, the Contour Mouse offers multiple sizes, whereas the Aerobic Mouse keeps your hand neutrally positioned and the Evoluent places your hand sideways. All 3 mice offer left or right-handed models for maximum fit and comfort.

Whichever mouse you choose and how you use it will determine your well-being and comfort as you work from your computer.