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Top 10 Ergonomic Products


I have been a high school Spanish teacher, an online English curriculum writer, a copy editor, and a blogger {both personally and professionally}. I have worked in a classroom, an office of sorts, and from home, which is what I am currently doing. While each job relied heavily on the computer, each task still had its own needs ad ergonomic applications. As such, I am listing some of my favorite ergo products.

Top 10 Ergo Products

  1. The Mobile Stand. I love this moving "desk" of sorts because, as a teacher, classroom management is key. So is good teaching. A good teacher does not lecture from 10-year old notes at the front of the room. She is vibrant and interesting, and as a result, not static. Having the ability to move about the classroom and teach from different places is priceless. (The adjustable keyboard platform could serve the same purpose.)
  2. Tiny Touch Presentation Keyboard. Similarly, I love this hand-held presentation keyboard because it allows a teacher (or anyone presenting something) to control his or her computer from up to 30 feet away. Having options for your own positioning as a presenter is crucial for keeping all eyes on you.
  3. Evoluent Mouse. I love the handshake position of this mouse and the comfort it provides for sustained periods of mousing. I am not a huge fa of touch pads, so if I'm going to invest in a mouse, it's gonna be a good one!
  4. Adjustable Keyboard Drawer with Mousing Surface. Since you're supposed to keep your mouse on the same surface as your keyboard, I love this tray which gives everything its own spot while still honoring ergonomic principles. Plus you can raise or lower it for your own needs and not strain your arms, shoulders, or wrists trying to reach a fixed keyboard.
  5. Contoured Keyboard. If desk space is not an option, then I love this contoured keyboard which keeps your wrists un-cocked as you type much more comfortably!
  6. Ultra Mini Multimedia Keyboard. If desk space is an issue, then why not go mini and wireless, with tons of features?
  7. Hi Lo Ergonomic Work Station. Since I do work from home, I can't afford to sacrifice too much space on a desk. I like this one because it allows users to sit or stand at a reasonable price within a reasonable amount of space. No more losing productive time because my back is aching and I just can't sit any longer.
  8. Lumbar Portable Pillow. I'd love an ergonomic chair, but since that's not in the budget, I think this lumbar support pillow is a great, less expensive option. Plus, it's portable, and I can take it when I travel.
  9. Portable White Noise Generator. If I had a nickle for very time I fondly thought of my portable white noise generators, well, I wouldn't have to work anymore. I use mine for work, for sleep, and for the kids to sleep. Love it.
  10. Green Power Strip. I've blogged about it before, but I love how efficient this strip is- it saves me time (since I only have to turn off 1 switch) and it saves me money. Win-win.

What about you? What re your favorite ergo products?