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Wrist Pain while typing?


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So, I write about ergonomics every week, and I still don't always follow my own rules. I have been noticing pain in my wrists while I type. Fortunately, this pain only presents while typing on my laptop. This is not uncommon, but I should know better. Wrist pain is often linked to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, in which the tendons of your forearm become inflamed and compress the median nerve in the tunnel. A common contributor to CTS is poor typing habits. So, as a reminder for you (and me!), here are some tips to avoid wrist pain and the onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

  • Your keyboard and mouse should be centered in front of you and next to each other on the same surface.
  • Your fingers should hover over the keys, rather than typing from a cocked position.
  • Everything you use should be within easy reach.
  • You should mouse with your arm and not your wrists.

Some of those are habits you can change, others might necessitate some ergonomic solutions. Eager to help, I'll list some of my faves.

Ergonomic Tips & Solutions

  • Try a left-handed keyboard which places the number pad on the left, thus freeing you up to center your keyboard and get your mouse in closer.
  • Another option is a mini-keyboard which also frees up space to pull the mouse in closer.
  • Try a wrist rest so you can keep your hands neutrally positioned.
  • Consider an ergonomic mouse for comfort and better, more natural positioning.
  • Dock your lap top when possible so you can keep your hands positioned correctly.

Okay, let's all make a pact to put these tips to practice. Our wrists will thank us.