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Causes of Stress at Work – Could It Be Your Workstation Set-Up?

Causes of Stress at Work – Could It Be Your Workstation Set-Up?

Stress: Could It Be Your Workstation Set-Up? 

When you think of your workstation set-up, you probably think of where your phone, your stapler, your personal items, and maybe where your coffee cup sit. You probably don’t think much about whether your computer workstation is set up for the a little or a lot of stress. There’s more to stress at work than just the demands of your productivity.  Just sitting at a computer all day can give your body a tremendous amount of stress if not set up properly. Stress on your neck, shoulders, back, elbows, forearms, wrists, and hands are all part of a poorly aligned computer workstation.  The way you sit and use your computer can cause chronic pain and stress. That tight neck and aching shoulders could be coming from the way you sit and use your computer rather than mental stress and strain. This stress and strain can be a big drain on your productivity and on your physical well-being. 


  • To ease the physical stress on your body during work, make sure you workstation is set to provide you the best ergonomic environment.  
  • Your monitor should sit centered so your eyes focus on the top of the monitor, about arm's length away. Place you keyboard in the center. 
  • Your desk should be about belly button height.  Usually this is between twenty and twenty-eight inches from the floor. If you have a fixed desk height, you may consider using a keyboard tray to place your keyboard and mouse at the proper height for optimal ergonomics.  Also make sure there is sufficient space under your desk for your legs to be in a comfortable position no matter which way you are sitting. Minimum under desk clearance for your legs should be fifteen inches from your knees. Making a few simple changes to your desk can produce a much more comfortable and less stressful work environment.
  • Avoid glass desktops or any finish that could cause a glare. Even a small amount of glare at your workstation can place undue stress on your eyes.
  • Your chair should allow your knees to be at ninety degree angles with feet flat on the floor and should allow you to sit up straight with sufficient back support

Just following these simple set-up rules will reduce stress on you upper body. Check your workstation and make adjustments as recommended. You’ll be pleasantly rewarded with less stress.