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Computer Workers Benefit from Keyboard Wrist Rest

Computer Workers Benefit from Keyboard Wrist Rest

For those who work at computers all the time, one of the best pieces of equipment to have is a good keyboard wrist rest. They can help to prevent repetitive stress injuries and even carpal tunnel syndrome. These wrist rests are designed in such a way that they keep the wrists from being able to bend backwards while users are typing or using the mouse. They help to take some of the pressure from the shoulders and provide a softer surface for the wrist to lie on. Of course there are both some great pros and cons to these rests. So, here is a look at the drawbacks, how they can help, and what you'll need to look for when you are trying to purchase one of your own.


Possible Drawbacks

First of all, there are a few drawbacks to some keyboard wrist rests that you need to be aware of. In some cases, if the rest is too high or thick, it can cause the wrist to flex forward, which can be damaging. For rests that come with sharper edges, they can end up being uncomfortable. In some cases, certain designs of wrist rests can actually cause pressure on the carpal tunnel, leading to median nerve compression. These are just a few drawbacks that you'll want to watch out for when considering a wrist rest for your keyboard. With many different designs on the market, careful shopping will allow you to choose the right wrist rest.



How They Can Help

On the other hand, you will find that there are some definite benefits to using a keyboard wrist rest as well. People who spend a lot of time working on a keyboard can find them very beneficial and they can help to stave off wrist problems. Pressure is taken off the arms and the shoulders to keep the shoulder muscles from getting tight and causing neck aches and headaches. Also, they provide a soft surface for the wrist to lean on, which can be a huge help.



What to Look for When Purchasing a Wrist Rest

If you are going to purchase a keyboard wrist rest of your own, there are several important features you should be looking for. First of all, you want to choose the thickness very carefully. Make sure that the rest thickness is right about the same thickness as your keyboard. You should also take a look at the size. The size should be large enough so that it covers a large area to provide your wrists the cushioning they need. Take a look at the warranty as well. You'll want a great warranty that will help you make sure that it will be replaced if it needs to be. Also, avoid edges that are sharp or materials that are cheap.



Treating Carpal Tunnel Pain

In the end, using a wrist rest to combat carpal tunnel pain or discomfort will outweigh any drawbacks. Placing your wrists in the proper position will ease your pain and prevent further damage. If you are unsure whether a wrist rest will work for you, consult your doctor for advice or pursue a different treatment option.