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Convergence Insufficiency (advanced eye strain)

Convergence Insufficiency (advanced eye strain)





Convergence Insufficiency

The eyes have muscles. Accommodative exercise provides physicians with an effective treatment for damaged eye muscles. It can help to cure a sore eye. Eyes that have been severely strained respond to the proper type of exercise. 

Sometimes when daily tasks strain the eyes, they can develop a particular eye syndrome. When that happens, minor eye strain can lead to the appearance of real vision problems.  Eventually, strained eyes can demonstrate signs of convergence insufficiency. A conventional eye exam can not detect evidence of convergence insufficiency. Only a convergence test can disclose proof that a patient suffers from that disorder.  Eye strain difficulties can escalate, and that escalation can signal the emergence of a convergence disorder. The careful physician listens for complaints about double vision, inability to remain awake when reading, repeated stumbling, and changes in the patient’s perception of printed words.

A diligent physician schedules plenty of follow-up visits for any patient with asthenopia (eye strain) and watches for evidence that a straining of the eyes has led to convergence insufficiency. Symptoms of an advanced syndrome take the form of trouble concentrating, repeated periods of disorientation, lack of recall, and even poor posture.