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Could Rearranging Your Desk Improve Productivity?

Could Rearranging Your Desk Improve Productivity?

Organization for Productivity

People travel because they seek a change in scenery and time away from home. In other words, they want a break from normal daily activities. Using this same concept, you can improve your productivity at work.  Believe it or not, rearranging your desk actually creates the same feeling and energizes you to be more productive at your workplace.  When you rearrange your desk you are doing something different to your environment. Make the proper ergonomic changes, and you’ll feel like you have a brand new workplace. A workplace in which you can get more done and have less stress on your body.   


  • Rearranging your desk while still making it ergonomically friendly creates an improved workplace along with an improved attitude for doing the work.  If something is easier and less stressful on your body you don’t mind doing it so much.  As you begin this re-arrangement think about the tasks you do repeated throughout the day.  
  • Next consider the tools or equipment you use when you do those repeated tasks.  Placing these items easily within reach helps improve your productivity.  Place them so you’re not stretching or making long reaches for access.  This prevents stress and strain on the muscles of your shoulders and arms.  With less stress, you’ll have more energy to do more work.  
  • Check the placement of your computer monitor.  If you cannot view your monitor without facing it squarely or raising or lowering your head, it should be moved.  Your monitor should be placed so you can sit squarely in front of it with the first line of the screen being at eye level. This is the optimal ergonomic position. You’ll have fewer aches and will be more productive as you work.  
  • Another tip for increasing productivity is to place items that you use infrequently in a more remote area of your desk.  Leave the area closest to you open for the work at hand.  


Once you make these simple changes to the arrangement of your desk, your mind will be in a “new” mode.  Even though it may sound a bit bizarre your mind will actually be renewed into the mode of a new challenge and thus more productive.