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Workstation Chair, Desk and Monitor Tips

Workstation Chair, Desk and Monitor Tips

3 Tips for an Ergonomically Healthy Workstation

Use these tips for creating a workstation that promotes your ergonomic health.

  1. Your office chair should be adjustable in height. We are not all the same height so it makes sense you would want the ability to adjust your chair to fit you. When seated in an ergonomic position you want your chair to allow you to place your feet flat on the floor. Your office chair should also give support to your back and arms.
  2. Your office desk should accommodate all of your office equipment in a way that allows you to place your most used items (your computer, telephone, calculator, and other items) at an arm's reach. Placing items in locations that do not cause you to change your body position in awkward ways promote ergonomic health.
  3. Place your computer monitor at eye level or just below eye level. You also want your monitor at least 20 inches away from you. Your keyboard needs to be in a place where you can keep your elbows close to your body and where your wrist doesn't have continual contact with your desk edge. This can cause contact stress and can be very painful.  Your mouse should be at no more that arm's reach away either.

These simple tips can help avoid many aches and pains while giving your body an ergonomically healthy place to work.