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The Benefits of an Ergonomic Workstation

The Benefits of an Ergonomic Workstation

The benefits of an ergonomic workstation

Creating a work environment that’s good for the body is very important. Most of us spend hours each day sitting in front of our computers. Unless our chairs, our keyboards, and our desks are ergonomically efficient, our bodies will suffer - and will show it.

The first step to creating an ergonomic workstation is to consider how you spend most of your time at the workstation. 

  • Are you up and down during the day or do you sit virtually in one spot for most of the day?
  • Are you looking from side to side, or do you sit directly facing one screen and spend most of the day that way? 
  • Are you locked into one keyboard, or do you use multiple keyboards? 
  • Do you spend much of the day on the phone? 

If you spend a good portion of your day sitting, invest in a good ergonomic task chair. Evaluate seat firmness (the firmer the better), seat size, back support alignment and size, seating heights, and arm options as you choose your chair.

For the keyboard, you can choose from a variety of ergonomically designed keyboards or a wrist support for a traditionally designed keyboard. Also consider using an adjustable keyboard tray to ensure the proper height. If you spend quite a bit of time using the mouse, be sure to invest in an ergonomic mouse. Finally, choosing an ergonomic workstation or desk will complete the ergonomic workstation.

Again be sure to consider your tasks, your size, and your movements throughout the day to choose the best ergonomic workstation tools for you needs.