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Creating the Most Productive Workstation

Creating the Most Productive Workstation

A Productive Workstation

When you think about the productivity of your employees, you have to think from the most basic limits to the out of the box type limits. Starting from the basics, you need to look at the way you have your workstations set up.


  • To begin the process of creating a more productive workstation, look at the placement of every item on your desk. Things that you use frequently should be placed no more than an arms length away. 
  • Your Computer should be set up ergonomically and sensibly. If you have to extend your body to reach any part of your computer or frequently used items, it is not set up in a productive manner. 
  • The top of your computer screen needs to be at eve level centered in front of you with your keyboard in a position so you can keep your arms at a 90 degree angle. This computer set-up gives you the most productive positioning of your body. You’ll also have less strain and stress on your body as you work.  
  • Surrounding your computer, you will have the other items you use regularly. 
  • If you use a telephone frequently, investing in a headset can give you optimal productivity. This will free your hands while on the phone and keep you from twisting and turning in awkward positions. It also prevents those shoulder and neck aches coming from cradling the phone as you talk and work.
  • Place your calculator, printer, and other commonly used items in places that are only about an arms length away to optimize usage and comfort. The more comfortable you are with your workstation set-up the more productive you will be.
  • Do you have file folders lined up in filers on your desk or under your desk? Reevaluate the usage of those folders. If you have folders for things that you rarely need place those in a filing cabinet. This will reduce the amount of time you spend searching for the files you do need frequently. Do not keep filing boxes or old reports in boxes around or under your desk. Not only are these safety hazards but they also can reduce the free movement with in your workstation. The more freely you can move from area to area the more productive you will be.


Creating a usable workstation will inevitably create a more healthily and productive environment. Making you more productive employee or employer.