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Do Laptops Cause Your Neck and Shoulders to Ache?

Do Laptops Cause Your Neck and Shoulders to Ache?

Neck & Shoulder Pain from Laptop (mis)Use

Every day after work, you find yourself rubbing your aching neck.  You’re thinking it is just the stress from work.  You’re probably right, but it may not be the type of stress you’re thinking.  The real problem could be physical, not mental, stress causing your neck to ache...especially if you’re using a laptop consistently during your workday. 
Laptops, while more convenient, allow for a less than perfect ergonomic setup.  As you use your laptop, your neck and shoulders should be in a neutral position.  

Laptop no-no's

  • Leaning your neck down to view the laptop screen
  • Raising your shoulders
  • Constantly holding your head  in a turned position
  • Leaning your neck forward to view your laptop.  
All of these positions place strain on the muscles of your neck and consequently will cause aches and pains.  Just as with any other part of your body, if you place stress and strain repeatedly on your neck, it will hurt.  You probably don’t even realize you’re putting your neck and even your shoulders in a stressful strain using your laptop.

Using a laptop desk could be just what you need to prevent painful issues. Designed with adjustable desktop height, you can adjust it so you’re perfectly positioned to prevent neck strain.  Its mobility also allows you to position it so you can face it directly.