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Do Your Back and Shoulders Feel Stiff and Achy After Work?

Do Your Back and Shoulders Feel Stiff and Achy After Work?

Feeling stiff, tight, and achy as you leave the office?  

Chances are good you can eliminate your back and shoulder problems by practicing a few good ergonomic principles.  "Good ergonomic principles" define the body’s relationship with the work environment so that there’s less stress and strain on your body. The goal of ergonomics is to use equipment to compliment your body’s natural working instead of taxing it as you work.  With upper back and shoulder stress and pain, implementing just a few simple changes can vastly improve the problems.  

One common cause of shoulder and back pain is the mouse.  The placement of your mouse and frequent use of it could be the culprit of your pain. As you’re sitting at work, pay attention to how you’re using your mouse. 

  • If your shoulder is raised or stretched in a non-neutral position, chances are good that could be the cause of your pain.  
  • Try moving your mouse closer to your keyboard.  
  • Make sure to keep shoulders relaxed and in a neutral position as you work.
  • Another simple solution is to try an ergonomic keyboard that has a touchpad.  Using the touchpad eliminates the need for a mouse, so your shoulders will stay relaxed.  Upper back and shoulder pain may well disappear.