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Does Ergonomics Affect Productivity?

Does Ergonomics Affect Productivity?

Ergonomics & Productivity

In today’s society there is an increased demand for highly specialized people for different fields of work. Companies cannot do with hiring just anyone for a position. They have to make sure that they get the best, ie an employee who is timely, organized, and efficient. Not only do we need efficient employees, we also need efficient environments. Better yet, we need good ergonomic environments in workplaces.

Ergonomics means fitting the job to the worker. Most of us spend our entire day sitting in a chair, with very little activity in the legs and back, and lots of activity in the hands and arms. For this reason, computer workstations, office chairs, desks, and keyboards need to be tuned just right to suit the needs of the individual user. Failure to do so can inadvertently pose a risk to your health, safety, and can even cause eye strain.

Having a good ergonomic environment and using specialized ergonomic office equipment will improve productivity in the workplace and also lower a company’s cost of operations. For example, American Express demonstrated an 80% reduction in cost after implementing an ergonomics equipment and program in their workplace. Computer workstations, and poorly adjusted office chairs can place a huge toll on employees' backs and wrists. This usually leads to employees taking time of work due to back pain, thus impacting the productivity of the workplace. One worker taking time off work places a high demand on the company to get someone who can fill in. Consequently, if they are unable to find someone to fill that position the productivity of the company is decreased.

Poor ergonomic environments also cause employees to move at a slower rate. Thus, a task that should take thirty minutes to accomplish might end up taking an hour or two, depending on how much strain is present. It definitely is very rewarding to both workers and employees to practice good ergonomics and use proper ergonomic office equipment. The productivity of the workplace depends on these practices. The health and safety of an employee also thrives on ergonomic concepts.