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Ergonomic Keyboards – Preventive Medicine?

Ergonomic Keyboards – Preventive Medicine?

Ergonomic Keyboards & Chronic Problems


Sitting at a computer all day using a keyboard places a lot of stress and strain on your hands, your wrists, and your forearms.  Using a traditional keyboard does little to prevent commonly occurring problems in this area such as carpal tunnel syndrome.  



  • One of the best solutions to this problem is using an ergonomic keyboard, which is designed to help ensure proper alignment of your wrists, your forearm, and your fingers to decrease stress and strain. The most important aspect of an ergonomic keyboard is the improved support of the wrists. 
  • Wrist rests minimize bending of the wrist allowing for a more neutral and natural wrist placement during typing.
  • Keyboard height in your workspace is also an important ergonomic factor.  Most keyboards come with tabs at the back.  The tabs are adjustable. Engaging these tabs while typing help ensure easy reach of all keys on the keyboard, resulting in ease of use and less strain on the fingers.
  • Another type of ergonomic keyboard is the split keyboard.  Split keyboards allow the elbow to rest more naturally relative to the body than do other keyboards.  This results in much more comfortable typing with reduced stress and strain. 





If you are still using a traditional keyboard, get yourself an ergonomically designed keyboard soon.   Once you use your new keyboard, you’ll realize that your hands wrists and forearms are much more comfortable and you’ll have less strain thus preventing potential issues with nerves and muscles in these areas.  Plus, you’ll probably find you are getting more done, because the keyboard is more comfortable to use.