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Ergonomics - 3 Fast Ways to Fine-Tune Your Chair and Your Productivity

Ergonomics - 3 Fast Ways to Fine-Tune Your Chair and Your Productivity

When you sit on your chair are you comfortable? Do your arms and legs rest easily, or are you impatiently waiting till the end of the day when you can get out of that chair? A good chair can do wonders for your body and your productivity.


Increased Productivity in an Ergonomic Chair


When your body is not in a stress or strain, you’re automatically more focused on what you’re doing.  Thus, you’re more productive in an ergonomic friendly chair.  Maybe it can even make you not want to leave work (well ok, let’s not go that far). But a good chair can truly ease your back and other joints in your body.  It will make you feel comfortable at the office as well as more productive.  That said, take a look at your chair and make sure all these factors are in place.    


  • Get the right chair.  Most people don’t take the time to make sure that they have the right chair. A chair should have the ability to be fine-tuned to suit your body.  An adjustable chair is a must. Otherwise you won’t be able to fit it to your body and the way you sit. 
  • You spend a good chunk of your day sitting in your chair, so it’s important to make sure that you can adjust the back support, the arms, the height and the angle of your chair. The comfort and health of your back, your shoulders, your neck, and your arms are all dependent upon using a chair that is adjusted to fit you.  Not having the right kind of chair or not having your chair adjusted properly usually causes most back pains. Back pain can direly slow you down and prevent you from functioning at one hundred percent.  When your body has aches and pains it detracts from your focus, thus productivity is lost.
  • Make sure that your lower back (lumbar region) is supported. Your lower back is involved in about ninety percent of the movements that you make.  Having good lower back support that can be adjusted to suit your body ensures your back’s safety.
  • Adjust your chair so you can reach the keyboard with stress or strain.  When working in your office chair, you want to keep it at the right distance as well as the right arch so that you can reach the keyboard and mouse easily. You should not be leaning forward, or stretching your arms to use your keyboard.


Don’t stress your body anymore than you have to. Your body talks, and when it does you need to listen. Follow these simple tweaks and you will be on the right track to practicing good ergonomics and improving your productivity at work.