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Coach for Sit-stand Furniture Means More Effective Use


Changing working positions

For years, occupational health and safety professionals have been encouraging more activity in the workplace. One example is the introduction of fitness programs. Even so, this is not solving the problem of spending the workday sitting for hours at a time. Sedentary behavior can be counteracted only by frequently changing working positions while at work. This is why an increasing number of employers are facilitating their employees in achieving this by means of specialized equipment at the workplace. A good example of this is the sit-stand desk. This piece of furniture makes it easy for people to alternate between standing and sitting because the desk surface can be adjusted to various heights. What happens, however, is that employees quickly forget about taking advantage of these tools once they start focusing on their work. People soon lose track of time and the need to change between sitting and standing because their monitor, keyboard, mouse and the information they have to process demand all of their concentration. If the benefits of the furniture are going unused, such an investment is going to waste!

Missing link

This is why it is important to remind employees regularly that it is time to change their working position. Department managers or health and safety staff don’t have time for this, and a kitchen timer isn’t ideal either. Constantly resetting a kitchen timer will gradually be forgotten, and its noise in an office environment will not be appreciated. The missing link for the sit-stand table is thus a coach that encourages employees by means of their laptop to change their working position.

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