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The Many Benefits of an Adjustable Height Desk


Medical experts are telling us that sitting is literally killing us...Sitting is killing you Via: Medical Billing And Coding
Just in case those numbers didn't grab you, let's sum up:

  • sitting more than 6+ hours a day increases risk of death up to 40%...even if you exercise!!
  • obese people tend to sit between 2 and 3 hours more than thinner folks {obesity has doubled 20 years...the same years that internet and gaming exploded}
  • chewing gum burns more calories than sitting
  • people who sit for work have twice the rate of cardiovascular disease than those who stand for work

Essentially, what they're saying is that sitting is not only not neutral, it is quite detrimental to your health. Additionally, matching your sitting with other forms of doing, even exercising, does not counter-act the effects of too much sitting overall. Basically, you just need to sit less. Ergonomic experts have been saying the same thing for years- sitting is killer on your back, neck, and shoulders, when done for too long. They may not get quite so dramatic, but they're on the same page.

So, what's a desk worker to do? It's one thing to be an athlete and sit less, and quite another to have a computer-based job that seems to require a lot of sitting. How do you complete your job and manage to sit less???

Enter the adjustable height desk. I seriously love the idea of a sit or stand desk- I figure if my children have the option to sit or stand when being strolled, I should have the same option when working. The concept is the same- you can choose when to sit or when to stand. The work surface literally adjusts height with the flick of a wrist- you don't even have to get whiny first. As an added bonus, those who have tried this kind of desk have reported passionately about the results: ewer back problems, better team collaboration, better circulation, and since they're all alive, sustained life, too.

Medical experts tell us that sitting is killing us. Your back already knows this- why not try an adjustable height desk?

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