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Upgrading to Avoid Injury


Did you know that open office (the euphemism for cubicle farm) workers made only half as many ergonomic adjustments to their workstations as did those in quiet offices? This lack of proactive problem-solving resulted in an increase in repetitive strain injuries (RSI), such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and workers comp. Plus, they were just uncomfortable. It’s like cramming into coach for a Trans-Atlantic flight when a lush First Class seat is available. Why torture yourself needlessly?

Here are some possible ergonomic adjustments that may help YOU work more comfortably, and more productively, regardless of your office’s style or set-up:

ProCurve mulitmedia keyboard

The beauty of an ergonomically-designed keyboard is that it makes typing (what you spend a lot of time doing) more natural by positioning your hands and wrists more comfortably. An since you probably sit most of the day, back support can help you not go home stiff and cranky.

I’ll be honest with you. First Class seats are available for every flight we take. I could trade up for a First Class seat and get my toddler off my lap, but I’d be paying a lot for it. As it is, I choose to suck up the discomfort because it’s only 1 day and I foolishly think I can handle 12 hours of discomfort. Now, work, on the other hand is daily. Trading up for daily results is a lot more reasonable. It all comes down to doing what you can to increase comfort and therefore avoid stress injuries.

Working from Home Productively & Ergonomically

I work from home an have a lot of issues with work space. Not only do I work from home, I do not have a lot of space to work with. As I've looked for better options, I thought I'd share a few pointers for setting up a home office for maximum productivity [...]

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Avoiding Shoulder Strain

If you're like most people, you suffer from unexpected strains and injuries as a part of life. It's not as if you're playing a contact sport or moving furniture all the time, you're just working and living, and in the course of things, you feel pain. One of the most common complaints is [...]

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Choosing an Ergonomic Chair

Sitting at a desk all day can wreak havoc on your body. Every part of you can get stiff and sore. Even worse, you might actually become injured from poor posture. Therefore, it's essential that you where you sit is comfortable and ergonomically sound.What to look for in an ergonomic chairThe actual [...]

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Ergonomics for Educators

Educator Work SpacesEducators spend a lot of time at their desks: grading papers, lesson planning, printing, or doing office hours. Unfortunately, most teacher work spaces aren't ergo-savvy. The result is that once planning and classes are finished, your work space has taken its toll on your body: from you neck and shoulders, to your [...]

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How to Sit at Work

Part of good ergonomic posture for working at a desk is how you sit. It's not yoga, but good practices will keep your body in better shape.The "Shoulds" of Sitting at Work You should sit in a relaxed, "neutral" position. This means a nice, happy medium- don't sit ramrod straight and don't slouch- somewhere in [...]

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Dealing with Back Pain

Everyday Back PainWhether it's sleeping in an awkward position, carrying a baby (in the womb and on the hip), or a sustained injury, most of us have to deal with back pain at some point. For most, it's lower back pain, and we often erroneously assume that there's little we can besides treating it [...]

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Maximizing Small Spaces

Sometimes less is more. Sometimes less is just that- less. Like when we sold our big house and downsized to an apartment to save money. It was a great choice, but definitely limited our space. Since we have small children and I work from home and my husband is a PhD [...]

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Tips for Maximizing Productivity in Small Spaces

Small SpacesSmall spaces seem to be the story of my life. For the past 9 years, as we have pursued more degrees and had more children, we have somehow downsized each move. May seem counter-intuitive, but spending more money for extra letters after our names and adding names to our family means we [...]

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Top 10 Ergonomic Products

I have been a high school Spanish teacher, an online English curriculum writer, a copy editor, and a blogger {both personally and professionally}. I have worked in a classroom, an office of sorts, and from home, which is what I am currently doing. While each job relied heavily on the computer, each task [...]

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